Chapter Scholarships

In addition to our targeted scholarships (Jamail-Long Challenge Grant, Allan Sih Memorial, and New York 40 Acres Scholar), the Texas Exes New York Chapter is proud to offer one time scholarship awards to outstanding to incoming freshman from the Greater New York Area attending the University of Texas at Austin.


Criteria to receive a scholarship from our chapter, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Graduate from a high school in New York State or the Greater New York Area (parts of Northern New Jersey and southern Conneticuty are included)
  • Be admited to and confirmed to attend the University of Texas at Austin for the following Fall Semester
  • Have outstanding academics as well as additional community involvement

All scholarship awards are made at the sole discretion of the chapter scholarship committee.


The scholarship committee of the New York Texas Exes will select recipients, as scholarships become available each year, from qualified applicants that apply through the Texas Exes Scholarship application process. Eligible students will be automatically submitted to NYTE when applying to The University at


Scholarship awards are for no less than $1,000 awarded on a one time basis.


In order to faciliate future scholarship awards, the chapter, at its board's discrection, designates a portion of its profits each year for scholarship endowments.  The fund will be invested and administered within the established fiduciary policy of The Texas Exes, and the Association’s Investment Committee will set the percentage of income to be awarded to recipients each year. The Investment Committee sets administrative fees that are paid to the money managers, investment consultants and the Association. The fees are based on the market value of the fund and are taken from the fund each year. Any earnings not awarded to the recipients each year will be returned to the fund to provide for fund growth.


If you have any questions or wish to add anything extra to your application, please contact our scholarship chair at

The 2013 deadline for scholarship consideration is April 30th.

Additional information about Texas Exes scholarships to The University can be found at

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