9+1 Running Club

We are currently looking for someone to take over organization of the 9+1 running club. If you would be interested, please contact us at info@texasexesnewyork.org

Until we have a replacement, official activities in the 9+1 Club will be temporarily suspended.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


(Race day identifier code: TEXE)

Calendar of upcoming races we’ll run in that also count toward marathon qualifying: http://www.nyrr.org/races-and-events?selstatus=0&seltype=68 (remember to select "Texas Exes" as your team when registering) 

If you haven’t left the starting line yet, join our running team today!  You can be a fast runner or just beginning.  You’ll have fun either way! 

Our team was set up to:

1.  Help get our fellow Texas Exes into the NYC Marathon quicker and easier than waiting 4 years for a lottery, raising a bunch of money, or having Olympic speed.

2.  Compete against other teams for points and maybe win some accolades for Texas pride.

3.  Give you a group of great people to meet up with on race days all year long. 

You will have to join NYRR (New York Road Runners) by Jan 31 of a given year if you want to qualify for the following year’s marathon using the 9+1 format.

[link to become a member- http://www.nyrr.org/join-and-give/become-a-member]  When joining NYRR, make sure you select “Texas Exes” for your team.  **NOTE: if you can’t find our team name, enter “TEXE” in the space provided below the drop down window.** 

HOWEVER, you do NOT have to join NYRR if you don’t care about the 9+1 marathon qualifying and just want to join our running team for some fun competition.  (In this case, just remember to find "Texas Exes - TEXE" in the drop-down menu when you register for your races.) 

Quick explanation of 9+1:

Run in 9 qualifying NYRR races and volunteer at 1 NYRR race and you qualify for the following year's NYC Marathon!

Official word from NYRR regarding 9+1 qualifying:

Individuals who are NYRR members by January 31 of a given year, run nine (9) qualifying NYRR races and volunteer for one (1) NYRR race within that same calendar year, and maintain their membership the following year will be eligible for guaranteed entry into that following year's ING New York City Marathon (i.e., runners must join by January 31, 2013, and run nine races in 2013 and volunteer for one race in 2013 to be eligible for guaranteed entry to the ING New York City Marathon 2014).

[link to more 9+1 info- http://www.nyrr.org/join-and-give/become-a-member/run-9-give-1

Calendar of upcoming races that count toward marathon qualifying: http://www.nyrr.org/races-and-events?selstatus=0&seltype=68

Remember.... select "Texas Exes" in the drop down menu.  And if you need it, our team identifier code is TEXE. 

Join the “IM Sports - New York Texas Exes superstars” page on facebook to keep up to date with the races, who's running, and other sporting info.

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