Jennie I. Sanders

My UT degree: 
BA in Business Economics
My hometown: 
Austin, TX
The number of years I've lived in NYC: 
When and why I got involved in NYTE: 
I love Austin and I love experiencing new places. Being involved in NYTE allows me to have a piece of home while exploring a new city.
My most memorable NYTE moment: 
I look forward to watching my first Thanksgiving Day football game in NYC surrounded by other UT fans.
I love Austin, TX because: 
What's not to love? It's where I grew up and where I call home.
I went to UT because: 
I paid for school myself and it was the best deal hands down...I looked at smaller liberal arts schools but am so glad I picked a school that offered a great education with a kick ass football team. My father and grandfather also attended UT and I was happy to be part of that tradition.
My last meal would be: 
Something Tex Mex...a sampler platter of enchiladas, tacos, chili relleno...the works...with lots of salsa and pico de gallo.
My favorite place in NYC: 
The Museum of Mathematics...the various soccer fields around the city...I love how one can find an outlet here for just about any interest.
The first song on the soundtrack of my life: 
My Love For You Is Real by Ryan Adams.
The last book I read (and actually finished): 
Book Thief...Game of Thrones series...Walking Dead comics...I get to read lots on the subway!
My favorite trip / vacation in the last year: 
Visiting Geneva...I had never been to Switzerland before and was grateful to visit a new area of the world and be treated like family.
Interesting fact about me: 
In high school, I sang the alto soprano harmony part of the Star Spangled Banner at the rodeo and needed medical assistance afterwards to remove the cotton I had stuck in my ears to help me nail one particular note.

2017 Summer Kickball

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