Neel Gupta

My UT degree: 
BBA '05 (Finance / Business Honors)
My hometown: 
Missouri City, TX
The number of years I've lived in NYC: 
When and why I got involved in NYTE: 
I moved back to NYC and I knew Texas Exes would be an easy way to make lifelong friends, so I went to a New Members' Event in Spring 2010
My most memorable NYTE moment: 
NYC Seminar 2013 - we had ~80 current UT students come to NYC and have the time of their lives while also meeting with potential employers to secure internships and job offers
I love Austin, TX because: 
No one is ever in a hurry
I went to UT because: 
I would never go to Texas A&M (haha), because it had an excellent business program, a great football team and because I didn't get into most of my other schools (Thank God!!!)
My last meal would be: 
Barbeque. No, Tex-Mex. No, Barbeque. No, Tex-Mex. Maybe a burger. Hmmm....
My favorite place in NYC: 
Washington Square Park
The first song on the soundtrack of my life: 
Blue in Green by Miles Davis (from Kind of Blue) or Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber
The last book I read (and actually finished): 
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
My favorite trip / vacation in the last year: 
Paris - Thanksgiving 2013 by myself
Interesting fact about me: 
I am not an astronaut

2017 Summer Kickball

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