Nate Carty

My UT degree: 
Bachelor of Journalism, 1997
My hometown: 
Double Oak, TX
The number of years I've lived in NYC: 
When and why I got involved in NYTE: 
I was active in Dallas Texas Exes before moving to NYC
My most memorable NYTE moment: 
At the end of my first year with NYTE, our President-Elect moved to London just before his term was to begin. I walked into our board meeting and was told I was the new President. I wasn't elected, I was conscripted.
I love Austin, TX because: 
For what you pay for a 1 bedroom apt in NYC, you can get a 5 bedroom house. Tailgating at DKR can't be beat either. And Mexican food. Yummy, yummy Mexican food.
I went to UT because: 
All my close high school friends went to A&M, but I'm smarter than them.
My last meal would be: 
The 5 meat platter at County Line
My favorite place in NYC: 
Prospect Park in Brooklyn, particularly during off-leash hours, hundreds and hundreds of dogs getting crazy
The first song on the soundtrack of my life: 
Beer Drinkers & Hellraisers by ZZ Top, very quickly followed by Much Too Young To Feel This Damn Old by Garth Brooks
The last book I read (and actually finished): 
Rendevouz with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke
My favorite trip / vacation in the last year: 
A week in the Catskills in a cabin on a private lake
Interesting fact about me: 
I majored in Photojournalism, but immediately after graduating pursued a career in finance. Why did I do that again?

2017 Summer Kickball

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