Michael Schott

My UT degree: 
BBA Finance 2005
My hometown: 
San Antonio, Texas
The number of years I've lived in NYC: 
When and why I got involved in NYTE: 
I joined a NYTE ZogSports football team when I moved to New York to meet some other Texans.
I love Austin, TX because: 
it is home.
I went to UT because: 
there is no other option.
My last meal would be: 
BBQ from City Market in Luling, Texas
My favorite place in NYC: 
The Patriot, Washington Square Park, Red Hook Ballfields, Cloisters
The first song on the soundtrack of my life: 
Texas by George Strait
The last book I read (and actually finished): 
Escape from Camp 14 and Every Twelve Seconds
My favorite trip / vacation in the last year: 
Texas-OU weekend in Dallas.

2017 Summer Kickball

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