Fiana Garza

My UT degree: 
Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies
My hometown: 
Brownsville, Texas
The number of years I've lived in NYC: 
When and why I got involved in NYTE: 
I first got involved by playing (or pretending to play) flag football with the NYTE in 2003 but then moved away to Chicago soon after. I got re-involved in February 2012 when the NYTE volunteered with Baby Buggy. I wanted to meet more Texas Exes so thought volunteering with the NYTE crew would be a great way to start. And it was...
My most memorable NYTE moment: 
Joining forces with the Friends of Rockaway to help muck out a home that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. The owner had been waiting for nearly a year to receive help.
I love Austin, TX because: 
Because of the music, lakes, breakfast tacos and the queso.
I went to UT because: 
Where else would I have gone? Hook 'em.
My last meal would be: 
Queso and chips
My favorite place in NYC: 
It changes every day...
The first song on the soundtrack of my life: 
Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder
The last book I read (and actually finished): 
In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson
My favorite trip / vacation in the last year: 
April--Tulum, Mexico for a week-long yoga retreat
Interesting fact about me: 
I came THIS close to trying out to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. I danced in a handful of their halftime shows instead.

2017 Summer Kickball

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